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The Evolution of Fitness Reopens- Socially Connected Physically Distanced

Nashville, TN: Seven Minutes fitness studio reopened its doors for members in June 2020 after pauses for the March Tornado and COVID-19 shut-down and after the announcement that Nashville gyms can open in Phase 2, provided 50% occupancy and distancing and hygiene regulations are met. We are enforcing temperature checks for every person that enters the facility. Masks are required in all common areas. Once in your lane, you will be physically distanced 10+ft from other athletes. We have also invested in hospital-grade Air Scrubbers that removes 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants. 

Seven Minutes is delighted to reopen its studio doors and launch its Socially Connected, Physically Distanced Campaign because the business is perfectly placed and spaced at ten feet apart to provide safe, effective workouts for members. The team has worked hard during the pandemic pause to align with government guidelines and meet every precaution so exercisers can return to a safe environment without compromising their trademark workout. 

7 Reasons to Come Back to Seven Minutes 

Co-founders Emily Reed and Bob Swallows, with their combined heritage in the fitness industry, opened Seven Minutes at the beginning of 2020 and are now ready to reopen this summer. 

1. Seven Minutes Helps Build Immunity: This summer is the new January in terms of being motivated to invest in a healthier life. Research supports the strengthening of our immune system through healthier lifestyle choices including regular exercise. The programming prowess of Seven Minutes brings you the best of cardiovascular exercise with the power of strength training. 

2. The New Standard: Each workout lane enjoys 7 stations of 7 minutes spaced 10 feet grid distance apart. Each station is set on a rubberized grid. In addition to ample distancing, the studio facilitates temperature checks at the front desk, uses hospital-grade disinfectant and deep cleans three times per week. We have also invested in hospital-grade Air Scrubbers that removes 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants. 

3. Best in Class: Seven Minutes has partnered with industry experts to provide the most effective and fun workout experiences for members. Doctor Jinger Gottschall, a renowned exercise scientist, is the programming genius behind every workout and Emma Barry, a Global Fitness Authority specializing in boutique fitness, helps deliver delight in the member journey. 

4. Convenience: Seven Minutes was built on the premise of being able to start your workout every seven minutes rather than compete for limited spots in peak hours or battle traffic to get to the studio on time. With six lanes ready to roll and a coach on hand for your fitness coaching and motivation – prime time is when you get there. 

5. Variety: People love variety to remain engaged in exercise routines and our bodies need different stimuli to keep getting results over time so Seven Minutes offers fresh and new workouts every day. Each workout trains the entire body and there is a three-day rotational focus on Strength, Endurance and Power.


6. Versatility: Hailing from traditional big-box gym days, Bob was adamant the studio needed the big, sexy equipment members loved but was equally determined that the equipment not used that day be stored away so the studio remains clean and focused. The heavy equipment is set on rollers to assist the room switch-out creating a new experience every day. 

7. Where Art Meets Science: Environment creates the backdrop for transformation. At Seven Minutes the high-end black equipment was hand selected to contrast the stark white walls to spectacular effect. In addition to the dramatic aesthetic, the blank canvas cleanly presents a focus for the unique workout each day. Furthermore, in keeping with the cultural, community vibe you’ll find the iconic East Nashville mural along with the Seven Minutes mural on the Main St. face of the building. 

Seven Minutes has been a 2-year brainchild based on the many insights from observing fitness clubs and suppliers in the industry and an investment where the industry is going next. “Seven Minutes brings the equipment of the big-box gyms to the experience of the boutique studios in what members are saying is the evolution of fitness,” says Bob. 

Your first visit is just $14 

About Seven Minutes Fitness: Come in, choose your lane, and get ready for a total body workout that will challenge and excite you. 7 stations, 7 minutes each, for a strong 49-minute total body workout. We promise you a fresh start and smart workout every single time. Whether you’re just starting in fitness or you’re an elite athlete, our fitness coaches turn up to meet you where you are today. Check out our Instagram @7minutesfitness for a preview of each day’s work out. 

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